Mito Medical Network

Our Commitment

Mito Medical Network (MMN) is a new medical society committed to raising the profile of mitochondrial disease for medical practitioners and academics. MMN is committed to improving:

  • Understanding of mitochondrial disease
  • Recognising potential symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Therapeutic management

MMN achieves this by:

  • Consolidating existing medical knowledge
  • Education about current best practices
  • Promoting clinical research
  • Disseminating accurate information
  • Promotion as a representative professional body

MMN is a registered not-for profit organisation that brings together the mitochondrial disease medical community, eminent medical specialist organisations, academic institutions and teaching hospitals, in order to improve the diagnosis and daily clinical management of mitochondrial disease within Australia’s healthcare system. The sharing of knowledge about mitochondrial disease and patient experience facilitated by MMN is key to the development of a unified management approach to this elusive illness.

As a co-ordinated, clinically based national mitochondrial research network, MMN drives the development of new and improved diagnostic techniques and treatments. By bringing together and providing access to highly respected resources MMN enables advancements in areas including:

  • Diagnostic tools such as biomarkers, metabolomics and genetics
  • Therapeutic treatments and management practices, in both the laboratory and clinic