Mito Medical Network

Our Purposes

To function as a:

  1. Medical society – networking clinical practitioners (specialists and GPs) and clinical researchers in Australia involved in the care of the mito community.

  3. Clinical trials network – for clinical researchers, clinicians and patients aiding the development of emerging therapies and diagnostics as well as assisting in the translation of knowledge into best practice.

  5. Advocacy Group – advocate for best practice to the innovative industry sector, to government for better funding and awareness and to medical/academic bodies to improve education and management around mitochondrial disease.

  7. Centralised mitochondrial disease medical resource – publication of consistent, current, reliable, evidence based clinical information, guidelines and best practices drawn from Australian and international sources.  MMN will make available on this website and disseminate via a variety of media, links to other well-recognised mito organisations and the coordination of educational workshops.

  9. Point of Contact – via the website – to assist with GP, allied health professional and specialist enquiries and provide support to mito sufferers and carers.